1. General Terms

•Lodge-me's services are available to students aged from 18 years old.

•If something was going to happen to any Client during their stay in the UK,  Lodge-me must be informed as soon as possible.  lodge-me would not be able to take into account any requests once the Client is back to his home country.

•Lodge-me cannot be held responsible for any accidents, thefts or prejudices a Client could be subjected to during their stay in the UK.

•Lodge-me accepts no responsibility for the omissions of third party suppliers (host families) providing services/facilities as part of a package offered by Lodge-me. Lodge-me will however give reasonable help to the Client in resolving such disputes with third parties.

•Lodge-me accepts no responsibility or liability  whatsoever for situations where the Client move from his/her arranged host family accommodation. In cases such as these it will be the Client's responsability to obtain the funds from the family from whom he/she is departing, provided good reason for departure can be demonstrated or explained by the Client(s).

•Whatever package a Client chooses, Lodge-me commit to offer assistance, which means that they are here to advise, listen and help the Client whenever they can. However Lodge-me are not available to the Client 24 hours a day, only during the hours of 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.

•In any case, Lodge-me shall not assume any role in Locus Parentis whatsoever and the Client is responsible for their own actions.

•The Client must get hold of the European Health Insurance Card which will cover them during their stay in the UK. The Client must also take out a personal insurance.

•Clients must bring sufficient funds on arrival to cover expenses. Lodge-me cannot lend or give money to the Client in any situation.
•Any transport and accommodation costs during their stay in the UK will be the Clients. •Information that the Client gives in their application file must be correct.
•The Clients personal information will only be given to the people involved in their trip to the UK.
•Lodge-me are allowed to change the content of their website without notice.
•Lodge-me are allowed to subcontract the services they offer to a third party in the case they were not able to undertake their commitments.
•Lodge-me are responsible for undertaking their commitments towards the Client. However, Lodge-me shall not be liable to the Client of any delay of performing, or any failure to perform, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond their control (force majeure). The Client is expected to demonstrate reasonable standards of conduct. Failure to do this may result in expulsion from  Lodge-me's services.
•The Client should inform Lodge-me of any particular health issues or medication they are taking on a regular basis. The Client should be in a fit and healthy state on arrival in the UK.
•Each Client must sign a copy of Lodge-me's Terms when applying for any of the options.

2.Prices 2019

•Prices are indicated in Pound per person per week or for a certain length of time applicable until 31/12/2019.



•Once you sent us the confirmation of your stay we will send you an invoice by email.

•Once the payment in full has been received by Lodge-me, you will receive a booking confirmation (language school or / and host family). You should then make contact with your host by email or telephone to let them know in advance of your time of arrival.


•The total amount needs to be paid at least 4 weeks before the Clients arrival. Room retention fee per week per person: £60
•Extra night:

£29 per night per person for a single or twin room
£34 per night per person for a single room or twin room en-suite

Up to three nights. For more than three nights the student will be charged for the whole week
•If the Client is having visitors:

£32 per night per person

Up to three nights. For more than three nights the visitor will be charged for the whole week
•Christmas and New Year supplement: £32


£45 administration fee (non refundable) payable at the time of the acceptance of the applicant in the host family.

£155 deposit refunded at the end of your stay provided that you leave your room in a satisfactory condition. In case of the damages costing more than £155 Lodge-me will have to use the Client's full deposit in order to compensate the host family. The Client will also be responsible to pay the rest of the amount to the host family.

•Bank charges have to be paid in full by the Client.

Language School (Brighton Language College)

•Registration Fee of £60 (non refundable) is payable at the time of the booking. The rest of the amount needs to be paid at least 4 weeks before the beginning of the language course.

•Bank charges have to be paid in full by the Client.


5. Cancellation and Refund
•If a Client wishes to leave his/her accommodation in the middle of a week, he/she will be charged for the entire week.
•If a Client was to cancel the services that they have booked, the Client will need to let  Lodge-me know as soon as possible. He/She must give two weeks written notice to  Lodge-me of changes or cancellation of his/her booking.

Any planned absence from accommodation must be notified in full to Lodge-me at least two weeks in advance otherwise accommodation will be payable in full.

•If it is necessary for Lodge-me to make a refund or return a deposit and the Client only has a foreign bank account  then the transfer fee for either a refund or payment back then the Client will be liable for an additional payment of £15 to cover the transfer fee which Lodge-me has to pay.

•Bank charges have to be paid in full by the Client.


6. Cancellation (language school only)
a. Cancellation by the Client
All cancellations are to be notified in writing or by email. Cancellation charges will apply as follows


CANCELLATION                                                                 CANCELLATION FEE
Before the course starting date                                     Registration Fee of language course & 2 weeks host family costs (if applicable)
After the course starting date                                        1 week's of language course & 2 weeks host family costs (if applicable)
(10 days' written notice to Lodge-me of changes to or cancellation of a course)
Non-attendance, absence due to illness or other          No refund
Change original course (for one of greater value)         Pay the difference at the time of requesting the  upgrade
Absent from the course for 1 or 2 weeks for holiday     See as follow
(2 weeks' written notice to Lodge-me)

Any refund due when a course is changed or cancelled, or a holiday taken, will be paid to the person who paid for the applicant's course  at the end of the course. "End of the course" here is defined as the last date of the course  specified on the application form (i.e if an applicant books a 12 week course and decides to leave after 4 weeks he/she will not be refund until 12 weeks after the start of the course).
If an applicant is denied a student visa or a study permit and provides Lodge-me with a copy of the rejection letter on or before the first day of classes, Lodge-me will refund the course fee.


b. Cancellation by Lodge-me
Sometimes it is agreed between the Language School and Lodge-me  that it would be beneficial for the applicant to be moved to  another School course. When this happen, only a course of at least equivalent cost will be offered by  Lodge-me.
Lodge-me reserves the right to cancel a course booked and paid for by an applicant in accordance with these terms other than for reasons beyond its control, and did not offer an alternative reasonably to the applicant, Lodge-me would pay compensation as follows:
Where the cancellation is before the start of the course, compensation equal to the deposit paid by the applicant or
Where the cancellation is after the start of the course, compensation equal to one weeks's fees.


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